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Migrate to the Cloud and Modernize Your Business with BlueFactor

Business of all sizes, geographies, and industries are turning to cloud services. Simplify and accelerate your cloud adoption journeys with us, we’ll pave your path. BlueFactor’s migration process helps your business fully migrate to the cloud. We make the process easy to migrate your company to the Azure, Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Amazon AWS and more. The path to the cloud is exciting for your organization, we’ll meet all your increasing demands.

Benefits of migrating to the cloud include

Cloud computing adoption is on the rise every year, and it doesn’t take long to see why. Companies recognize cloud computing benefits and see how they impact their production, collaboration, security and revenue. By using a cloud-based solution, a company can prevent a lot of problems that plague organizations that rely on on-premises infrastructure. If you have any questions about how to effectively adopt the cloud for your business, or how to optimize your cloud performance and reduce costs, contact us today to help you out with your performance and security needs.

Whether you want to move your Company’s digital data into a cloud or move data from one cloud to another, the process that you will need to undertake this task is called Cloud Migration. However, a major point of consideration while migrating to the cloud is to make sure that the applications run smoothly on the cloud. This is where the services of experts come in handy.

Advantages of Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration is a high priority requirement for businesses today as it not only provides a seamless and speedy performance, but is also a step up from outdated and unreliable servers or firewall applications, etc. It provides –

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Higher Flexibility

protection of computer system

Higher Innovation Speed

protection of computer system fairfield ct

Higher capability to meet high resource demands

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Lower Costs

computer network safety fairfield

Higher Rates of Business Returns

computer network safety fairfield ct

Higher Performance

data archiving methods

Higher level of Security

Types of Cloud Migration Services

Re – Host:

Also known as Lift & Shift, here an application is shifted from a location on the business premises, to a cloud service. It is recommended to start with simpler items with least dependency, gradually shifting to items with higher complexity as the understanding and complexity of the process increases.

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Re – Platform:

In order to reduce operational expenses, plus when your application supports it, you can make a shift to an operating system version based on CNaaS Platform Standards.

Re – Factor :

In order to comply with the business standards, functional and security needs, the contents of an application can be updated to newer versions.

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Why should you choose us for your Cloud Migration Requirements

With the high levels of lifestyle changes brought on by the Global Covid Pandemic, more and more businesses are looking to revamp their services and offerings in order to conform to the new normal. Nowadays, it is all about being cost – efficient along with having the ability to use cutting – edge technologies. Cloud Migration is one of the many ways in which companies can re – invent themselves in this ever – changing organizational climate. Our highly trained team is always eager to help our clients through this challenging, yet essential transition.

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