Phishing scams and ransomware attacks have become some of the most common cyberattacks faced by organizations in today’s climate. True ransomware preparedness requires getting to know your security posture and then making it stronger, as well as creating a proactive action plan for the possibility that even these improved defenses could be breached.

All digital information is at risk for a cyberattack. In this day and age information is just a click away and it’s critical that cybersecurity is taken seriously. Cyber threats and hazards need prevention methods employed to be able to address and detect threats early. BlueFactor has comprehensive tools and the personal to prevent, mitigate threats, and secure your organization’s data.

Common Cyber Security Threats


A malicious software that can undermine the integrity or confidentiality of a computer system data. Malware changes every hour and most times are undetectable. Malware is responsible for most data theft globally.


Encrypts your data and then asks for a payment “ransom” to decrypt your data. If the ransom is not paid your and if you don’t have a backup your data is lost forever.


Cybercriminals employ phishing techniques to gain sensitive information by impersonating a reputable business representative or someone you may know. A link is frequently accessible to a bogus website requesting personal information.

Distributed Denial of Service:

DDoS attacks restrict network access by flooding the network, server or service with large amount of traffic requests, causing slow response times and sometimes an outage. Basically, a DDoS attack is like an unexpected traffic jam preventing regular traffic from getting to its destination.

Advantages Of Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity solutions by BlueFactor provide digital protection for your company, ensuring that your staff is not vulnerable to potential dangers such as Ransomware.

Any Cyberthreat can halt your company’s operation. Preventing cyberthreats will increase your organization productivity.

By protecting your data and network from cyber dangers, you are also protecting your customers.

Contact Us and you’ll get actionable insights that include

•  Plan to Eradicate the Ransomware
•  SWOT Analysis on Ransomware
•  New strategies to defend against ransomware
•  How to recover after an attack occurs

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