Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

 Our goal is to proactively manage all your Technology.  We monitor your computers, servers, networking services, and other IT resources to identify potential problems.  We correct issues before they impact your business from high level networking issues to basic computer repair.  With Managed IT Services, we keep every aspect of your organization technology running smoothly.  We also provide recommendations to proactively evolve your IT infrastructure to meet future demands. 

Components of Managed IT

Help Desk

24x7 help desk


We have the tools and technology to continuously monitors your infrastructure, alerting us to situations before they escalate.


 We assist with management by offering services from Virtual Chief Technology Officer (CTO) consulting to basic vendor management. 


Cloud technologies has cut the IT spending for some business in half. Cloud services for email, file sharing, and even phone systems now offer big enterprise quality at a price small & midsize businesses can afford. 

Assessment Services


Our IT assessment process allows us to understand your needs and goals to realize your investment in IT.  We evaluate your entire organization, not just the technology, to obtain a complete understanding of your drivers and motivators. We will look for competitive edges and identify process improvements that can increase productivity through the use of technology.

We believe all significant resources in your organization must participate. It is imperative that there is a single consensus at the completion of the strategy sessions.  

  • Executives
  • Department heads
  • Partners
  • Vendors
  • Power users
  • Others as needed

Our process at a high level includes the following steps:

  • Institutional environment assessment
  • Technology assessment
  • SWOT analysis
  • Transformation ideas and areas
  • Enterprise strategy
  • Planned future state
  • Gap analysis
  • Options/decisions



Migration Services


Migrations can be both complicated and resource-intensive and IT departments have to execute without error. There are many moving parts to address, including application dependencies, hardware, data integrity and availability requirements. The goal for any migration is to minimize risk to your business during the transition process.

We offers comprehensive planning and implementation services to help you navigate these challenges. Our migration experts handle the execution of data center, cloud and service migrations.

We work closely with you to develop migration strategies for:

  • Infrastructure
  • Network connectivity
  • Applications
  • Data and security
  • Compliance requirements

Physical migration – Physical systems are often the most trying when migrating to a new IT environment. They are usually the remainders of older systems and processes, but they are necessary and critical to business operations. Moving these legacy systems without disruption is vital to the business.

Cloud migration – Migrating to the cloud requires a solid vetting process and an action plan. Business considerations include assessing the overall readiness of the organization for cloud migration, followed by a process and order of migrating applications. Technical considerations include the integration of cloud applications with others essential to the organization that may still reside on-site.

Service migration – Service migration ensures that an organization can easily shift between different facilities without encountering implementation, integration, compatibility and interoperability issues. Service migration concepts primarily deal with the process of effectively transferring or migrating a cloud-hosted application to another cloud provider or within a private cloud facility.  

Installation Services

Installation and Support is based on the latest technology.  We will supply, install and configure a new network expertly designed to meet the requirements of your business using cutting edge technology from well known channel partners such as Dell, Microsoft, and more.

Our aim is to ensure that your data is protected and secured so that unauthorized users cannot gain access to privileged information. To ensure that your data remains intact even in the event of a major disaster, our expert sales team will also advise you on the best backup solution to fit your new system.


Technology Consulting

technology consulting

 Focus on your core strengths is managing your business not IT infrastructure issues. Making decisions on the right technology solution for your business can be overwhelming. BlueFactor conducts a rapid, high-value assessment to identify opportunities for lowering expenses and improving computer systems and business processes. Let us identify your business technology solutions to solve problems and save you money. BlueFactor takes the confusion out of computer hardware, software, networks and training by providing complete customer solutions.