Voice Services

The ever changing technological environment around the globe means that the traditional phones are rarely found these days. The current market scenario is such that if a Company wishes to thrive within intense competition, it needs to adopt high level Voice Services. In spite of using the traditional channels, Voice Services use the Internet and IP Network to facilitate voice communication through digital channels. Also known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or VaaS (Voice as a Service), these can be used in various forms.

Means of Using VoIP Systems

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VoIP Adapter and Telephone

With the help of an adapter, a VoIP can be used along with a phone for the purpose of Voice Communication. The Analogue Telephone Adapters (ATAs) convert an analog signal into a digital one before sending it across the Internet.

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Google Talk, Face Time, Skype are few examples of programs that can be used to make voice calls over the internet.

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Google Meet, WhatsApp and many more apps allow you to make voice calls over the internet using your Smart Phones.

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IP Phones

While these look like traditional phones from the outside, the wiring on the inside is totally different. These phones are equipped with RJ – 45 Ethernet connectors, allowing them the capability of making IP calls, once connected to the router.

Advantages of using VoIP for Business

Lower Outlay

VoIP Systems are far more cheaper to operate compared to a landline phone system. Along with contributing to a reduced phone bill, the VoIP System warrants lesser hardware to be installed.

Increased Staff Productivity

As a VoIP Setup enables your staff to connect and work from home, it contributes to increased productivity. In the modern times, more and more professionals are choosing to work remotely.

Increased Flexibility

As you can connect with anyone on – the – go, a VoIP Setup offers you with increased accessibility and flexibility. Not being restricted to a specific location to make a call means your business becomes highly productive.

Easy Expandability

As your Business grows overtime, you need not invest further, adding more hardware to ensure continued connectivity. All you need to do is make necessary adjustments to your scalable VoIP Setup.

Support Multitasking

As you talk on the line with your clients or colleagues, you can simultaneously send them documents that need to be discussed. This allows for a more integrated meeting among people who might be located across the Globe.

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