What is backup?

In the information technology world, a backup (commonly referred to as data backup) is a digital copy of computer data that is taken and stored safely on another computer system so it can be used to restore the original in the event of data loss.

Why do I need a backup?

Computers are an intrinsic part of our day – to – day lives, with the importance of computers backing up your data is safest way to ensure you are proactive about your data’s security. A backup protects from any loss of data caused by a security breach, virus or malware attack, or natural disaster. With a proper Data Backup and Recovery plan, your organization can protect itself from any cyberattack or disaster.

What’s the Importance of a backup?

Type of backup

Backup/ Disaster Recovery Fairfield CT

Full Backup

Backup/ Disaster Recovery Fairfield - Data Backup Company CT

Differential Backup

Backup/ Disaster Recovery Fairfield

Incremental Backup

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