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We Depoly, Manage and Support Your Wifi, network, computers, cloud solutions, and more. Your technology should help you succeed. If you’re experiencing frequent downtime, internet connectivity issues, system sluggishness, or any IT channelings it’s time to partner with BlueFactor. Our consultants will help your business employ a comprehensive IT strategy that align with your business goals while eliminating costly downtime and maximizing your operational maturity. We do all the heavy lifting and help you fill the gaps in your frontline and take the stress out of day-to-day IT operations. Gain access to a complete team of IT specialists that will help you leverage an array of tech that will help you grow faster, increase profitability, and allow your team to work more effectively.

With the boom in the Information Technology Industry, it is evident that there needs to be a proper support system to make sure all IT – related functions always run without interruptions. A staggeringly high usage of computers, internet, websites, etc. means an exceedingly high need for the support and management of these highly essential IT tools. This is where IT Support Services step in.

Advantages of IT Services

For the purpose of shining brightly with increased productivity, efficiency and competitive advantage, today’s organizations need a strong IT – Support Service Setup. This not so easy feat is no big deal for professionals like us who have intrinsic knowledge of everything IT – related. Few reasons why you should consider outsourcing IT Services are –

Access to a hassle – free technical infrastructure ensuring effortless work – flow;

Increase in ROI with decreased time and money spent on IT – related problems

Assured protection of Business through data and network security;

Enhanced workflow efficiency through easy access to latest technological advancements

Optimized growth through excellent customer support and satisfaction.

Types of IT Services

Find out what kind of support your organization needs before outsourcing the task. After all, you do not want to end up wasting a fortune for the wrong service! The different types of IT Services provided by us are –

Managed IT Service

Most small businesses invest in this Service, as it is highly extortionate to manage their own IT team. It makes more sense to hire a team of highly experienced and expert professionals to do the job instead.

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data delivery lifecycle ct

On – Demand IT Support

This service means you do not need to pay a monthly fee, but can reach out with specific IT issues. As it provides an immediate resolution to any kind of IT problem, this is the most popular service in the market.


Cloud Services

As more and more users are choosing cloud services, even us service providers are determined to provide the latest technological support in relation to the Cloud Network.

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data delivery lifecycle fairfield, ct

Network Security Services

To protect the network of a business enterprise from any kind of unauthorized access, leading to loss or corruption in valuable data, Network Security Services are a must. These include building of firewalls, installation of anti – virus software and / or VPNs, regular network checkups, etc.

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