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With the most innovative technological solution to all your needs, Blue Factor proudly delivers resilient services. With our industry standard work ethics, we are here to help you increase your productivity and create amazing experiences for your employees, no matter where they may work. You can take your pick from the plethora of services that we have exclusively for you.

Backup and Recovery

In the event of a failure to access primary data, backup copies usually stored in separate locations from the primary data, can be used to gain access to the data. This saves a lot of precious time, money and other resources. A speedy data recovery process means valuable time isn’t lost while waiting for data.

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IT infrastructure security

Cyber security

Malware, Ransomware, Phishing, Distributed Denial – of – Service Attacks, the modern day threat list goes on, which gives rise to the need of a highly stable Cyber Security System. Also known as Information Technology ( IT ) Security, it helps protect sensitive organizational data and critical systems from cyber attacks.

Cloud Services Migration

With the high levels of lifestyle changes brought on by the Global Covid Pandemic, more and more businesses are looking to revamp their services and offerings in order to conform to the new normal. Nowadays, it is all about being cost – efficient along with having the ability to use cutting – edge technologies. Migrating to the cloud is one such way to achieve competency in today’s digital marketplace.

Network administration
Network administration remote support

IT Support

As more and more transactions are now being carried out digitally, there is an imminent requirement of IT Support, that ensures proper monitoring and maintenance of all the computer systems and networks of any business organization. With an up – to – date IT system at your disposal, you can divert your concentration towards the more value – adding frontline tasks of your organization.

Wiring and Wireless Networks

A Wired Network, mostly an Ethernet Network, is one where all the digital devices of an organization are connected together using physical cables. On the other hand, a Wireless Network is one where radio waves are used to connect the devices together. Whether your organization requires a Wired, Wireless or a Hybrid (combination of the two) network, it is a crucial step towards success to find out.

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System Integration

In order to put a stop on duplication of work that leads to a loss in time, energy and resources, an organization needs to make sure that it gets all its internal systems integrated from the time of inception. It joins all the software and hardware components to form a single cohesive unit, wherein all the separate applications work as one single entity.

Website Development

The Creation, Building and Maintenance of a Website – all these come under Web Development. From content to the layout of the content, everything needs to be highly attractive and engaging in order to keep your audience interested in your message. This is the back – stage work that is focused on making sure that the website not only looks great but also runs smoothly.

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Voice Services

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP ) and Voice as a Service ( VaaS ) use the Internet and an IP Network for making calls between two people. Even businesses these days use these services to make and receive calls over the internet, instead of using traditions means of tele – communication.

Data Archiving

Moving the lesser used data to a separate storage location for long – term retention is a much – needed IT practice of today. Whether you need to store the data for future reference or to meet some regulatory compliance, it is important to keep this data categorized and easily searchable. While this data is not used on a day – to – day basis by the company, it still remains important for the organization and thus must be kept such that it does not come in the way of routine work.

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