Wired and Wireless Networks

When 2 or more computers are connected together for the purpose of “communicating” with each other, it is called a network. Be it a connection using copper wires, fiber optic cables, electromagnetic waves or infrared waves – a computer network is an intrinsic part of our fast – paced lives. – Network

What is Internet ?

As the Cold War escalated and the need arose for easy transference of data through computers during the 1960’s, the United State Defence Department formed the ARPANET ( Advanced Research Projects Agency Network ). This helped eliminate the need to travel to the Computer’s physical location or to get magnetic computer tapes mailed in order to access information. Later, a Transfer Control Protocol / Internetwork Protocol ( TCP/IP ) was created to help the computers within the network to talk to one another. On January 1, 1983, as the ARPANET and Defense Data Network switched to this TCP/IP, the Internet was born!

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Types of Network

In order to access the Internet, computers need to be connected with each other via a network. This is possible through wiring or wireless networks or a combination of both.

Wiring Network

As the name suggests, when wires are used to connect 2 or more computer devices to one another, it is a wiring network. It is mostly used for desktops or other devices like the printer, which are not usually moved around a lot. Each device is connected to a network switch and many switches can be joined together to form a bigger network.

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Wireless Network

With the help of wireless access points, a wireless network enables one to access the internet without the need for physical wires. Instead of wires, data is transferred using radiofrequency waves in this network.

Hybrid Network

With a wiring and wireless system merged together, most local area networks provide a hybrid network.

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However, everyone’s networking needs are different and we will provide the networking service that’s best suited to your organization’s individual requirements.

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