System Integration

What seems to be a cost – effective idea during the inception stage of your Company, might turn out to be a time and money waster as the company grows. Separate systems for accounting, marketing, sales, customer service, etc. means your employees might need to duplicate their data entry processes, thus increasing your operational costs.

However, with the help of a good Systems Integration Application, all the systems and applications needed for your organization can be easily linked together by experts. A coordinated system makes working less time – consuming, while ensuring that factual data is available at your disposal.

Advantages of System Integration

If valuable time and resources are being spent as employees find themselves entering the same data over and over on to different applications, it is time to get all the organizational systems integrated. Instead of expecting your employees to form work – arounds to be more efficient, it would do good for your Company to make the system more efficient for them! This will help you with:

Data –Driven Decision Making

With all the data neatly organized in one place, the time saved can be productively spent analyzing it and making informed decisions. Moreover, as the need for duplication of data – entry is eliminated, the accuracy of the data also increases, thus contributing in better decision – making, plus in increasing your overall competitiveness.

Increased Employee Efficiency

As the employees can stop finding ways to simplify their current redundant job of entering duplicate data and then extracting all necessary data, they can start focusing on more productive activities. A proper integration system not only makes their lives easy, it also contributes in increased employee efficiency and satisfaction.

Upgraded System Security

When all the systems and applications are separately secured, there arises a time when they become incompatible with each other due to separate system upgrades. If, however, the systems are integrated, you can easily control user access, making your customers’ information and company’s data way more secure. Providing data security is an added benefit provided by a good data integration system.

Access to Real – Time Data

If the data is kept in separate systems, it takes a while to assemble it all. This means that by the time all the necessary data for analysis is collected, it might have already become obsolete. However, with the data kept in one place through system integration, you can have easy access to real – time data, making your decision – making process more accurate and reliable.

High – Paced Organizational Growth

As the redundancies are reduced, your management can now focus on the more value adding and revenue generating tasks. Even your customers can reap the benefits of ease of use of the new system as well as the new services you have designed for them using the extra time on your hands!

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