Protecting Your Business With Layered Security


High-profile  data breaches of enterprise companies and large government agencies gain a lot of news coverage, but where does that leave the SMB? Does the lack of reporting involving small to mid-sized business mean that the cybersecurity risk is much smaller?

The reality is quite the opposite. SMB's have information and credentials that are indeed valuable for cybercriminals, including: employee and customer records, access to business financial information including bank accounts, and access to larger companies and their networks throughout the supply chain.


Detect and Stop Security Threats

Build a strong security solution in an evolving technological world with demand generation resources, security assessments, and guidance on staying GDPR, HIPAA, DFS, GLBA, NFA and SOX compliant. If you need help determining which solutions are best suited to your business model and maintaining compliance to regulatory requirements,  Consult with us because when it comes to Cybersecurity, everyone has a role play.


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